The fine threads of defamation: ex-Nylon mag exec sues New York Post

Funny thing. Today outside my voting precinct I ran into a young New York Post reporter who was doing a version of exit polling for his “paper.”

He was very nice. I told him about the time many years ago when I reamed a Post reporter who had called the law office where I was working, wanting an interview on some big story. I gave him hell for a while, telling him that his lousy paper had libeled the guys I worked for and if he wanted to consider himself a real journalist, he’d better find another job somewhere else.

There was a momentary pause. Then he said, “Does this mean I’m not getting the interview?”

Anyway, today’s journalist was really nice and got my interview.

Which brings up this story about a defamation lawsuit against the New York Post:Former Nylon magazine exec sues New York Post, saying it wrongly wrote she was in jail – NY Daily News.

She wasn’t in jail, in fact. But there is some nuance to the story, so you might want to use it to test your instantaneous reaction against your thoughtful brain processes.

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