“The First U.S. Supreme Court Decision”

It’s erudite, beautifully written and, because it’s from Kevin Underhill’s Lowering the Bar, hilariously funny.

Source: The First U.S. Supreme Court Decision | Lowering the Bar

Oh, and the first case has something to do with a load of molasses which never panned out. So to speak.

Guaranteed for at least four LOLs. Unless you’re a registered paranoid right-wing nut case.

As a teaser, here’s the first paragraph:

Your first question is probably: 2 U.S. 401? What happened to 1 U.S.? Is there an entire volume of U.S. Supreme Court Reports we don’t know about? Most likely the secret decisions in which the Court established the rules by which the Illuminati would control society while paying lip service to the so-called “Constitution,” which I assume is what it was doing during the suspiciously quiet period between 1789 and 1791? Calm down, Alex Jones, there’s a simple explanation.

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