The global war against … huh? “Woman Seeks Damages for Damage Caused by Woman”

So here’s the essence of this story from Lowering the Bar:

“I think I can safely say this is a very unusual claim,” said Shari Moore, the city clerk of St. Paul, Minnesota. Moore was talking about Megan Campbell’s claim against the city for damage to her car caused when a city vehicle crashed into it. Driving that city vehicle: Megan Campbell.

That’s so confusing, I bet we all need a summary. See, this woman Megan Campbell was working for the city of St. Paul, which is one of Minnesota’s Twin Cities. And in her capacity as whatever-she-was-that-was-a-city-employee, she was driving a city vehicle.

OK, I get that. Well, then she drove that city vehicle into her own car and caused it damage. Now she wants St. Paul to pay for that damage. Even though, as it turned out, the city van she was driving (which had been rented) had no damage whatsoever.

Enough of me. Read on for Kevin Underhill’s far more legalistic and laugh-out-loudistic exegesis:Woman Seeks Damages for Damage Caused by Woman – Lowering the Bar.

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