The Global War Against Women: Another priest’s “opinion”

According to Mark Oppenheimer, in his New York Times Beliefs column, the Rev. Roger Landry, a priest in New Bedford, Mass. — that is, another professional emasculee, without children and without a womb— weighed in “without apology” on the sexual lives of us women:

After his fiery sermon attacking the Obama administration, several people in the pews applauded—a sound striking for its echoes in the cavernous, awesome church, and for its rarity. One does not applaud in Mass.

But Father Landry did not mind the enthusiasm. He is a traditionalist, and he is eager to share his opinions with his flock. This is a priest who believes official Catholic teaching about contraception, and who is not afraid to say so.

He gives his parishioners the stiff, 80-proof doctrine: the church hierarchy bans all artificial contraception, and the withdrawal method. The only permissible forms of birth control are abstinence and ‘natural family planning,’ using knowledge of a woman’s cycle to restrict intercourse to times when she is unlikely to conceive.

This woman, in her efforts to add to her own cycle of knowledge, asks a question: of the people who applauded this guy, how many were men? White men?

And I needn’t point out that the “church hierarchy” that bans all forms of contraception is entirely male. Men ordering women to subjugate themselves.

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