The global war against women: Arizona and Seattle

From the May 10, 2016 Harper’s Weekly Review:

Officials in Mesa, Arizona, removed a sexual-assault-prevention poster that referred to boys as “wolves” and girls as “meat” from a high-school library…

BTW, wolves are far nicer and more complex than this. They don’t assault human beings, let alone female wolves; wolves are monogamous. Wolves should sue Arizona for the slur.

Source: Majority-Female Council in Seattle Faces Backlash After Sports Arena Vote – The New York Times

The women on the City Council were attacked in sexist emails and social media posts after they rejected a land-use deal that would have paved the way for a sports arena.

Aside from my anecdotal impression that males in control of such matters would vote enthusiastically for stadiums which are often boondoggles (how many stadiums do you know of which are built solely on the money from the sponsors who stick their names on ’em?), I can’t imagine that any man that voted against these things would be attacked by vicious and sexist emails.

An excerpt:

In hundreds of email messages and social media posts, the female Council members were attacked by people — practically all apparently men — who said they lacked intelligence and an understanding of the importance of sports because they are women. One Twitter poster simply used a four-letter graphic insult to define them. Another man, in a signed email, suggested they should all kill themselves and “rot in hell.” Other critics, in less violent but equally demeaning terms, addressed them as “ladies,” who should “go back to the kitchen.”

That really needs to be followed by this below–because do you think the women on Seattle’s City Council were maybe thinking about the cost to the public of that new sports arena, the stadium for which would have to hold more like 70,000?

$62.8 million

Cost of a high school football stadium in McKinney, Texas, that the school board just approved. There will be 12,000 seats, which seems patently absurd to this life-long East Coaster. [Sports Illustrated]

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