The Global War Against Women at Western Wall

Didn’t I just post a hopeful article about how Israel is working to end “gender discrimination” in public places?

Well, not so fast. Today’s Daily News headline is:

‘ULTRA’ SICK: Extremists pelt women with rocks at Western Wall

Did I ever tell you this is why my mother would have nothing to do with religion?

But now look at the Jodi Rudoren’s New York Times piece on the same incident. The Times does not mention rocks but says the orthodox protestors “threw water, candy and a few plastic chairs.”

This is a great example of how we get facts and form opinions based on those facts: it all depends on where you gather facts.

The Times says, “Heeding calls from their rabbis, religious teenage girls turned up in large numbers to protest…”

So these ignorant girls, obedient to their rabbis and not to their common sense as burgeoning women, were bused to the Western Wall specifically to protest women’s rights to be treated equally. Which they are most certainly not.

A couple of other really significant quotes:

“We are looking at a process in which the public disdain with the way religion and state matters have occurred in Israel has reached a peak,” said Rabbi Uri Regev, the founder of Hiddush, a group that advocates for religious freedom and equality.

Never mind advocating for the absolute separation of religion and state.

And then this horrific quote from Rabbi Israel Eichler, an “ultra-Orthodox member of Parliament:

“..if the state of Israel fights…it may win, but it will be erased from the face of the earth.”

“There were thousands of seminary girls there today,” he said. “Each one of them will have 10 children. That is our victory.”

I’m going to throw up.

The final quote, from Ruth Halperin-Kaddari, a law professor:

“What’s at stake here is the very characteristic of the state of Israel. Are we part of the Western world or are we part of the fundamentalist world?” My emphasis, Ms. Halperin-Kaddari’s deep truth.



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