The global war against women: Ave Maria University

This bizarre story from DailyKos is sort of like one of those scary movies I never go to, or TV shows I never watch, like “The Dome,” or whatever it’s called.

Because I shudder at closed communities (ref, “The Stepford Wives”), especially those created by what some people call religion (ref the novel about the Mormons, “The Nineteenth Wife“) that do not exist in anything remotely like the world most of us live in. (And of course it’s no coincidence that both the above references are about males suppressing women. Gee.)

So a warning: read this piece only if you can tolerate that horrible Chuckie doll. I didn’t see the movies but just a look at the doll in trailers was enough to send me running for the exits.

This story has the same impact upon me: Ave Maria University’s Strangle-Hold on Women Goes Way Beyond Suing Obamacare.

And please note that the founder of this horrid little anti-woman world, a creature named Tom Monaghan, is also the founder of … Domino’s Pizza! So along with Papa John’s, we have now discovered another pizza place to boycott, as well as the town of Ave Maria, Florida. Yes, that’s its name.

Oh, and that ob-gyn should lose his license to practice medicine.


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