The Global War Against Women: Banks

Most of the time, under the Global War Against Women banner, I cite horrible instances of persecution, usually from fundamentalist sects and cults. I.e., religion.

But today I’m naming a bank, specifically JPMorgan Chase, who just forced its highest ranking woman executive out. She is apparently the female sacrifice Jamie Dimon is willing to offer to his gods of untrammeled capitalism. (And, of course, he replaced her with a man.) Hey, he’s not taking the rap for losing $2 billion. Why should he when he has a female to blame?

Banks and religion. Not that much of a stretch to me. For years now I’ve understood that that the two greatest evils humankind faces are fundamentalist religion and unregulated capitalism.

The gods are not good, people. So women, it’s time to get out of banking. Maybe think about becoming regulators.


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