The Global War Against Women, from Daily News readers

The Daily News calls its letters to the editor page “Voice of the People.” After years of reading it, I’m assuming the editors think this title gets them off the hook for selecting and editing letters for intelligence, fact and rationality.

One of today’s Voices comes out of the mouth of a man named Glen Belekis, from Briarwood, in Queens. Here in its entirety is Glen’s majestic contribution:

I can’t help but wonder how naive and ignorant all the Voicers are who keep referring to Sandra Fluke as an innocent citizen in this contraception controversy. She is a liberal activist who was used as a pawn by the radical left. She had no business testifying in any congressional hearing, let alone the fake one she did. The Democrats have taken a freedom of religion issue and turned it completely around to make it seem like it’s an attack on women. Although I don’t condone the language used to describe Fluke by Rush Limbaugh, it is clear that she is not just a bystander.

Following Glen’s letter is one from, sadly, a woman named Ann Fischer, from Glendale. Glendale, like Briarwood, is also in Queens. Do Ann and Glen know each other? Are they related? Maybe they go to the same Catholic church. Or maybe they both get together to listen to Rush Limbaugh:

This law student says she is having so much sex she cannot afford it, and our government believes that this is an important issue and we should pay for her birth control, but the big story is that Rush Limbaugh called her a slut. Then all our esteem politicians on the left make this about how women’s rights are being destroyed. What about Catholics’ religious freedom rights impacted by this rule? Something is very very wrong here.


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