The global war against women in Ireland

A thoroughly nauseating story from the New York Times: Case in Which Abortion Was Denied Reignites Controversy Over Irish Law –

Can you imagine Ireland − or any country − treating a man like this?

DUBLIN — A young woman who was refused an abortion despite asserting that she was suicidal and protesting with a hunger strike has had her baby delivered by cesarean section in a case that has reignited the controversy over a relatively new Irish law that allows for abortion in limited circumstances.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons and is not an Irish citizen, sought an abortion early this summer under a clause in the new Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act, saying that she was suicidal, according to Irish media reports.

The case was referred to a panel of three experts — an obstetrician and two psychiatrists. The psychiatrists determined that she had suicidal thoughts, but the obstetrician declared that the fetus was viable and that it should be delivered.

After her request for an abortion was rejected, the woman began a brief hunger strike, refusing food and liquids, but eventually agreed to a cesarean section nearly 25 weeks into her pregnancy after health officials began legal proceedings to forcibly hydrate her. The baby is reported to be healthy and is expected to be taken into state care.

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