The Global War Against Women in Turkey

From today’s New York Times, via Dan Bilefsky and Sebnem Arsu:

In Turkey, Fears of a Retreat on Women’s Rights

Activist Groups Report Rise in Violence

Istanbul. — Gokce, a soft-spoken 37-year-old mother of two, has lived on the run for 15 years, ever since her abusive husband tracked her down, broke down her door and shot her in the leg six times after she refused to return to him.

Stoic and prematurely graying, she said her husband had since kidnapped her mother and stabbed her brother, trying to force them to reveal her whereabouts. She repeatedly turned to the police. But, she said, they chided her to return to her husband. Once, after her husband came to pick her up at the police station, she said she heard an officer advise him to break her legs so she could not escape.

“Our state is the No.1 enemy of women,” Gokce said recently at a women’s shelter here in Istanbul, declining to use her last name for fear of her husband. “I was 14 when my husband started to abuse me, and now I’m 37, and I am still living in fear for my life despite all my cries for help.”

… [Rights groups] say women’s progress is being undermined by Turkey’s flagging prospects for European Union membership and a Muslim-inspired government that is increasingly embracing the conservative values of the Arab world it seeks to lead. [My emphasis.]

Women, you must leave Islam. And all other women: we should not spend our tourist’s money in a so-called democracy that treats us this way.

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