The Global War Against Women: Is it always Texas?


You didn’t need me to tell you that.

But you do need an uncharacteristically not-so-funny Gail Collins on the subject of Texas v Texas women’s health: Cloudy and Cold – She concludes:

Maybe someday we can all come together and create a public space where kids are raised to make responsible decisions about their sex lives. Where every woman has access to help with family planning, even if they’re poor and live in remote rural areas. Where early abortions are available when they’re needed but abortions after the first trimester are extremely are. After all,if you poke the public, you’ll find that’s where the majority’s preference already dwells.

Or, at least, maybe it will get warm and sunny.

(I’m being uncharacteristically brief here because I am so [not uncharacteristically] appalled I have [temporarily] lost the use of my fingers.)

(But, hey, Texas women: you do know you have been allowed to vote since 1919, right? So you do know you can take that ballot on election day and without allowing anyone to influence you otherwise vote against these primeval pols, right?)

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