The Global War Against Women: Judge Cebull’s Disgusting “Joke”

I didn’t realize that today’s Sidebar is literally a Sidebar: we are now leaning before the bench, and up there is sitting … The Judge.

I’m sure you’ve all read about Judge Cebull’s racist “joke” about President Obama and his mother.

Cebull (what a name! how many puns can we get out of it!) was put on the bench by the last Bush. Bush used to display the same sort of good-ole-dumb-boy “humor.”

Cebull should be taken off the bench by whomever and whatever process exists for removing federal judges (who have, you know, lifetime tenure). Isn’t this low-life unfit to serve as a federal judge?

Gee, but don’t listen to me. Read all about it in the American Bar Association Journal. And below, from law professor Ruthann Robson, via a feminist law professor blog:

Robson on Judge Cebull’s Disgusting “Joke”

Ruthann Robson blogs here about Judge Richard Cebull (D. Montana) and his email “joke” about President Obama’s mother that accuses her of promiscuity, bestiality, as well as interracial sex.

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