The Global War Against Women? Naming a restaurant?

This isn’t a lawsuit but boy do I want it to be! In fact, I’m so annoyed, I’d sue. Except I don’t have cause to. Or what is called “standing.” The guys who opened this kosher restaurant and named it Jezebel should sue. Except they don’t have cause, either.

What they should do is: de-kosher the restaurant, re-name it Jezebel, and leave Orthodox Judaism asap, in honor of all us women. And just to demonstrate to us that they are sane.

From yesterday’s Daily News:


Rabbis nix eatery’s sinful name ‘Jezebel’ as unkosher

This restaurant’s name wasn’t kosher.

The New York rabbi group that oversees restaurants refused to certify a SoHo eatery specializing in reinvented Jewish fare because its name, Jezebel, refers to a biblical whore.

“Jezebel was an evil person,” Rabbi Moshe Elefant, the head of the Orthodox Union’s kashrut division in charge of Jewish dietary laws, told the Daily News. “It is not appropriate to name a kosher restaurant after her.”

Basically that’s the story but you can read the whole miserable, infuriating, dopey tale here.

P.S. This is one of many reasons why my mother divorced herself from Judaism.

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