The Global War Against Women: “No evidence that women are significant thinkers”

The long-ago discredited Charles Murray (who said that his studies showed blacks were genetically inferior to whites) has brought his expertise to the Texas political front. Which is exactly where it belongs.

As an adviser to the Republican governor-wanna-be Greg Abbott, Murray has galumphed right into the big, big problem Republicans have in attracting women voters.

I picked up this story from DailyKos, and the item begins:

An adviser to Greg Abbott, the Republican candidate for Texas governor, said this week that he had found no “evidence” to prove that any woman had been a “significant original thinker in any of the world’s great philosophical traditions.”

In audio obtained by the Burnt Orange Report, American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray can be heard explaining to an audience at the University of Texas that his views on women had not changed since a 2005 paper, in which he asserted that one or “maybe” two women had played significant roles in the field of philosophy.

When a woman at the event on Tuesday asked Murray if he still believed what he wrote, Murray quipped, “Who do you have in mind?”

Murray argued that in “certain traditions” like literature, women had been at the “peak of accomplishment.” But he said that he could only recall one important female philosopher, “and she was not a significant thinker in the estimation of historians of philosophy.”

“So, yeah, I still stick with that,” he insisted. “Until somebody gives me evidence to the contrary, I’ll stick with that statement.” – Raw Story, 4/9/14

If I voted in Texas, that’d get my vote — for the Democrat running against Abbott. Who will probably be … Wendy Davis. A woman. You know, good for writing poetry or fiction but not so good as a “significant thinker.”

I’ll bet Wendy Davis is buying a billboard to thank Charles Murray.

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