The Global War Against Women: Paul Ryan

Maybe you’ve seen this, maybe not. But it’s worth a read-through because…

My sister and I were just on the phone talking about these Republicans. And we came to an agreement: we can not understand how any woman could vote for these people. So women, if you’re thinking about it, understand that if you contribute with your vote to putting these people into national office, my sister and I are personally coming out to wherever you are and we’ll … I don’t know what we’ll do, but at least you’ll get a real talking-to from us.

Because voting for these misogynistic sleazes is an abject betrayal of your gender, an act of masochism nearly as bad as slicing yourself up with a razor. You might as well move to Afghanistan.

Take a good look at what Rich Beeson, one of Romney’s campaign apparatchiks, says about us. We’re a “small issue,” he says. Women are a small issue.

So read this Paul Ryan Mocks ‘War On Women’ At Private Fundraiser. And pull yourselves together for November 6, or early voting, or absentee voting. This is a war and you’d better help us win it.

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