The global war against women: Taliban in Afghanistan

I have nothing to say. The Times has said it all. And the ample extract I’m giving you below isn’t even the entire piece. Awful, jarringly, anachronistically awful.

Insurgents hounded women with public profiles, threatening them with violence if they returned to their jobs or homes, women who received the warnings said.

Source: Taliban Waged a Calculated Campaign Against Women in Kunduz – The New York Times

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban occupation of Kunduz may have been temporary, but what they did to Afghan women’s rights could prove to be lasting.

In a methodical campaign, the Taliban relentlessly hounded women with any sort of public profile, looted a high school and destroyed the offices of many of the organizations that protected and supported women in Kunduz.

Among those who have fled are the women who ran a shelter for female victims of violence, who Taliban commanders say are “immoral.”

Gone are educated women who worked for the government or international organizations; gone are some women who were school administrators and women who were activists for peace and democracy. They left, mostly at night, on foot or in run-down taxis, hiding under burqas, running for their lives.

“I won’t go back — I will never go back,” said Dr. Hassina Sarwari, the Kunduz Province director of Women for Afghan Women, which ran a shelter for abused women, a family guidance center and a center for the children of women in the Kunduz prison.


Dr. Hassina Sarwari, the Kunduz Province director of Women for Afghan Women, in 2014. Credit Bryan Denton for The New York Times

After the Taliban completed their campaign of burning and looting women’s organizations, they continued their attacks verbally, by text message and telephone calls, threatening women and their relatives, making it clear that the women would remain in their sights. The Taliban’s message, based on interviews with a half-dozen women who received the warnings after fleeing Kunduz, was that they escaped this time, but that next time they would not be so lucky.

“Before we managed to take control of the shelter, Hassina Sarwari, the head of the shelter house along with all the runaway sluts and immoral girls, had already left Kunduz city,” said Abdul Wali Raghi, a Taliban commander in Kunduz.

“Hassina Sarwari herself is an immoral slut and if we had captured her, she would be hanged in the main circle in Kunduz city,” he added.

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