The Global War Against Women: The creeping creepy burqa

Do you know what a burqa is? Well, my friend Jerry Coyne has a very attractive picture of a nest of burqas on his Why Evolution Is True journal.

The picture illustrates his report on several incidents of burqa-wearing and their significance to women and to non-religious courts.

I’ll let him discuss the meaning of the burqa and how he, an outspoken atheist and scientist (I do believe that conjunction should be reiterative but sadly it’s not, especially in the U.S. of A.), feels about the burqa, the fundamentalist Muslim insistence that women wear it, laws banning the burqa and head coverings, and how women themselves in countries with a powerful fundamentalist component feel about wearing it.

Here’s how I feel: AAQ#@*&$^QO*@&^O*QRRRRGH!

Jerry is more articulate.

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