The Global War Against Women: Virginia, the new Mid-Eastern terrorist state

And by “Mid-Eastern,” I don’t mean the middle of the East Coast of the U.S.

Indeed, I designated this section “Global” because the assault on us women and our human rights is indeed everywhere on the earth. My view? It has emerged from what we can only hope are the dying fires of fundamentalist religions of every kind.

So, this is the god-wielders’ last, mad war. And look at what it has produced:

From Sabrinia Tavernise and Erik Eckholm in yesterday’s New York Times, “Ultrasound Abortion Bill Nears Vote in Virginia.” To the left of the article you’ll notice a link to the actual Virginia bill being voted on. I don’t have the stomach to read it today, but maybe you’ll want to see the exact language the male legislators in the Virginia House of Delegates employ to permit their ugly home invasion. (What is a woman’s body if not her home?)

Note to women voters in Virginia: these creatures are what you put into office. Next time you’re at the polls, please think about it.

And in case you’ve come to suspect I am exclusively anti-Catholic, Deborah Scroggins, whose new book is called Wanted Women: Faith, Lies and the War on Terror, summarized this same war in the African Mid-East, as an opinion piece called “The Arab Spring’s misogynist winter,”in yesterday’s Daily News.



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