The global war against women

I’ve been brooding over this issue for quite a while. So I’ve decided to start a new category here in Sidebar, with the above title. I’ve collected a pile of pertinent, distressing articles and will be linking to them soon.

Today I read something in the Daily News that will serve as an excellent kick-off to this subject. Here it is, in its entirety, with one particular comment emphasized by me, because it is so … I don’t even know what to call it. Stupid? Insane? Judge for yourselves:

St. Pat’s sermon blasts Bam

Even with Archbishop Timothy Dolan absent from the pulpit, the flock at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Sunday heard a harsh condemnation of new federal rules on birth control coverage.

The Rev. Robert Bubel blasted President Obama’s compromise plan and branded the drugs “poison” in a fiery homily. Birth control, he said, “is a poison for our bodies and our souls.”

The Obama administration initially issued a rule requiring all employers — with an exemption for churches, but not religious universities and hospitals — to offer health insurance plans that cover birth control at no cost to women.

After fierce protests, Obama came up with a new plan that allows religious employers to leave birth control out of their plans, but requires insurers to offer free coverage to those employees.

The compromise hasn’t satisfied Catholic bishops, but Sister Carol Keehan, president of the Catholic Health Association, said she was “very pleased” that “the framework developed has responded to the issues we identified.”

Studies have shown the vast majority of Catholics use birth control despite church teachings. — Eric Zerkel and Erin Durkin.

How dare he? How dare he, a self-selected eunuch, intrude upon our democracy, our right to choose how we live?

This is my declaration of war. Women of this world, join me. You have nothing to lose but your natural human rights.

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