The Global War Against Women:Catholicism and contraception

I’m adding to the Collection today by providing links to articles concerning the Church’s war on me and you. The articles don’t require much comment from me, except do note that the people who have jumped on the Church’s dogma bandwagon, their brass horns blaring, are all men. (That is, if you consider Timothy Dolan, today being hyper-celebrated as a Prince of the Church, a verifiable man.)

I find it personally disturbing that two of the Catholic men “explaining” the Church are Chris Matthews from MSNBC and E.J. Dionne, from the Washington Post.

I’ve been a fan of Dionne’s for a long time. No more.

Health warning: I have very low blood pressure so am able to read all this without approaching stroke level. You might want to check on yourselves before you get into these pieces. But if you find yourselves in danger, do read Gail Collins. She is both brilliant and essential OTC blood pressure medication. (I put her at the end, where you will need her.)

Here are the articles, in chronological order:

Boehner Vows to Fight Contraception Rule –

The Debate Over the Birth Control Rule – This is the February 9 Letters to the Editor column. Note the one that says, “[President Obama] has a right to his opinion, but his ruling forcing religious organizations that differ to provide free contraceptives is despicable.” Guess what gender wrote this one.

Archbishop Dolan is ‘skeptical’ of President Obama  – NY Daily News. Headline: “Doubting Tim: Archbishop [as of today Cardinal] Dolan ‘skeptical’ of Obama’s Oval Office promises.”

From the Daily News, already posted here but so very worth re-reading:

St. Pat’s sermon blasts Bam

Even with Archbishop Timothy Dolan absent from the pulpit, the flock at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Sunday heard a harsh condemnation of new federal rules on birth control coverage.

The Rev. Robert Bubel blasted President Obama’s compromise plan and branded the drugs “poison” in a fiery homily. Birth control, he said, “is a poison for our bodies and our souls.”

Both Sides Eager to Take Contraception Mandate Debate to Voters – What are the radical right-wingers thinking? I believe we women are still in the majority. So are the Republicans further rigging voting laws in the states they control to ensure that no woman can vote without a male member of her family standing next to her [I just realized that’s a naughty pun], with his hand covering her hand, as she inscribes her vote?

Birth Control Coverage Rule Debated at House Hearing – Someone in the media pointed out that everyone who testified was a man. And take a look at the photo with the article: two priests at the House table. In our House of Representatives. It’s been my view for a long time that men really have to recuse themselves from any legislation regarding women’s rights and choices about our bodies.

Religious Groups Equate Abortion With Some Contraceptives – Oh, nice try, guys.

Tales From the Kitchen Table – And here’s Gail, just when you need her most.




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