The global war against women/the god problem in the Mormon church

The New York Times published this story from AP: Mormon Women See Priesthood Meeting –

Here’s a taste of what this absurd story is about:

SALT LAKE CITY — Ignoring rebukes from church leaders, members of a Mormon women’s group for the first time joined men at regional church buildings across the United States to watch a live broadcast of the male priesthood meeting.

Members of the group, Ordain Women, watched the session Saturday night at locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, Utah and the Washington, D.C., area, according to its Facebook page.

The meeting, which coincides with the faith’s semiannual general conference, is held at the church’s Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake City’s Temple Square and broadcast to regional sites around the world.

At the last two general conferences, the women marched to the meeting but were turned away at the door. The demonstrations caused a stir and led to rebukes from church leaders.

This time, Ordain Women supporters focused on gaining entry to regional church buildings where the session was being broadcast live on television. The priesthood sessions traditionally are attended only by males 12 and older.

I bolded.

You get this, right? Not only are women not permitted to become religious leaders in the Mormon religion, they are not even permitted to watch TV broadcasts of priestly gatherings.

Nothing to say. Oh, maybe one thing: a Mormon could have become president of the United States in 2012.

And another thing to say: why do women want to participate in a religion that treats them this way? I want them to be walking out that Mormon door.

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