The god (and devil) problem in employment discrimination

Do you know the expression “Reasonable Accommodation”?

It has to do with employment law. Employers must make reasonable accommodations for employees who are disabled or who have special needs of one kind or another which restrict them from full adherence to an employer’s work culture. Religious requirements, for instance, such as getting out of work early on Fridays for the Jewish shabbat, wearing a turban if you’re a Sikh.

I ran into this years ago when I did some work on a case involving a woman who had MS and needed to work out of her home. It was a tangled situation for a number of reasons I won’t go into.


Anyway, nothing whatsoever as…strange as this case, brought to us all by the wondrous Lowering the Bar.

Warning: not sure if reading it might taint you with the odor of the antichrist. Or an antichrist (a not-a-christian, I don’t know how many antichrists there are. Nor do I know if an odor is involved. I think the problem may be that I don’t like or watch gothic movies involving supernature of any kind, so what do I know about the Beast? Or zombies, or vampires?).

Assorted Stupidity #105

Sep 09, 2017 12:21 pm | Kevin

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  • In June, the Fourth Circuit ruled in favor of an employee who objected to having his hand scanned because he said it would brand him with the Mark of the Beast. The EEOC sued on the employee’s behalf, saying he was entitled to a reasonable accommodation for his belief that the scanning would mark him as a follower of the Antichrist. The employer refused to let him just enter his ID number on a keypad (which apparently doesn’t present the same concern), and actually gave him a letter saying that under its interpretation of Scripture, it would be okay if he scanned his left hand and not his right. He quit instead. The Fourth Circuit said there was no dispute the employee’s belief was sincere, and no reason not to accommodate it.


P.S. Forgot entirely to note this case was brought by the EEOC.

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