The god problem and the global war against women: Islam

Jerry Coyne just published a comment about a Bill Maher show (in which Maher, Sam Harris and Ben Affleck had a vivid argument about Islam).

In this comment was a series of graphs prepared by the Pew Research Center showing the percentage of Muslims in many countries − some of them dominated by Islam − who hold to certain specific beliefs.

While the whole post Maher, Harris, Kristof, Steele, and Affleck squabble about Islam « Why Evolution Is True. is considerate, my own particular focus zoomed in on two specific graphs: graph 2, “Must a wife always obey her husband?” and graph 5, “Stoning as a punishment for adultery.” Just look at those percentages of Muslims who agree!

Let me once again pick up on my idea that the central dynamic and reason for fundamentalist religion is the suppression of women.

And I point out that when the vast majority of respondents answered that, yes, stoning should be a punishment for adultery, they weren’t talking about a punishment for adulterous men.


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