The god problem brings down National Geographic

Well, we know that the Murdoch family and their Fox organization took over the magazine rag at the end of 2015. As the Guardian reported then, the magazine was bleeding money, and after the takeove…

Source: What the hell happened to National Geographic? « Why Evolution Is True

Jerry’s right, of course. Somebody’s god has invaded the pages of the National Geographic and when god invades, the species dies.

But what I’m actually thinking about is that day my stepmother told us she and my father were moving to a smaller residence and therefore we’d all have to come over and clear out the stuff we’d stored, i.e., tossed, into the cellar and attic.

I did pull a lot of books out of there but our real quandary was: what the hell were we all going to do with the boxes and boxes of old National Geographics? Which, of course, no one ever felt could be thrown out because the paper it was printed out was so thick and rich and substantial.

So the good news about Murdoch destroying the National Geographic is: NO MORE BOXES OF ‘EM IN YOUR PARENTS’ BASEMENT!

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