The god problem? Fear of women

As I was scrolling down the Times, I stopped at this — an article about Amber Adler, an Orthodox Jewish woman who ran for New York’s City Council. She is shocked at the bilious reaction she got from mostly males in her “community.” I am not.

Ms. Adler is divorced. Had an abusive husband. If you don’t know about the misogynistic barriers to divorce Orthodox Judaism has constructed, read this article for that alone. It explains how difficult it was for Ms. Adler to get a “get.”

I just stopped typing to take some deep breaths. That’s how much this upset me.



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2 Responses to The god problem? Fear of women

  1. Sue Thaler says:


    Why are you surprised? In my opinion the hasids (and the ultra orthodox) are a cult; in fact, again in my opinion, all organized religions are cultish in many ways, which is partially why I’m a devout athiest. It’s no secret that these cults are anti-woman.

    Check out “My Unorthodox Life” (on Netflix, I believe) about a very successful woman (she founded her own shoe line and went on to become head of the Elite Modeling empire) who had the guts to break away from a cult in Monsey.

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