The god problem: Guess whose god will be taught in Oklahoma public schools?

Hobby Lobby President’s Bible Curriculum to be Taught in OK Public Schools Next Year. From DailyKos.

Yes, that Hobby Lobby guy, the one who makes a lot of money from his company (we don’t have branches in NYC so I have to take it on credit that there’s a lot of money to be made in selling whatever Hobby Lobby sells − hobby things?). You know, the guy who sued the federal government because he doesn’t want to provide his female employees with contraception because he’s so religious?

That guy.

Now he’s managed to force his biblical views into a public school in Oklahoma. Oh those poor kids. Aside from rebellion, what will they be fit for in this world?

So I guess this is a prediction: there will be a First Amendment lawsuit against Mustang, Oklahoma’s school board.

More and more and more (and more) I know we live in two separate countries. There’s us and then there’s them aliens.

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