The god problem impoverishes higher education

Well, all these religious institutions are taking up the HobbyLobby cause: they are rejecting federal funds, i.e., student aid, to remain free of federal…what?

All this freedom! Man, is it imprisoning these poor students at Wyoming Catholic College, who will learn not much more than (1) awe of some god and (2) how to hitch a horse to a fence post. (I think I got that right.) Both tremendously important and useful skills in our advanced world.

Read it and do what you will with it: To Keep Free of Federal Reins, Wyoming Catholic College Rejects Student Aid –

Oh. A couple of paragraphs that were especially nonsensical with regard to the federal government and the Constitution:

To the college’s leaders, rejecting government-backed aid was an expensive effort to defend against what they called growing government threats to religious freedoms. If you do not take the money, leaders argue, the government cannot tell you what to do.

“It allows us to practice our Catholic faith without qualifying it,” said Kevin Roberts, the college’s president, a Louisiana transplant who now wears a black cowboy hat to work in this town of 7,500. “It’s clear that this administration does not care about Catholic teaching.”

Um, right. This is a college president saying this.

Mr. Roberts, can I explain to you that no federal administration can or will “care about Catholic teaching.” Ever. And that’s one big reason why a whole heap of us citizens deeply appreciate living here.

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