The god problem in Florida backfires: it’s now a satan problem

Oh, I want everyone to rush out now and buy or rent “Bedazzled” − the original film, not the recent remake. Because it will teach all god believers that when you mess around with any form of supernature, you just can’t control what’s going to happen.

From Why Evolution Is True:

Florida decision to distribute Bibles in schools backfires: Satanists can hand out their stuff, too!

Ah, there’s a big kerfuffle in Orange County, Florida, and it’s all the fault of those troublemakers at the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF).  You can see the story at many places, like here, here, and here).

The trouble began when the Orange County School District allowed evangelical Christians (“The World Changers of Florida”) to distribute Bibles in public schools.

The inevitable (well, usually inevitable) followed: they were sued. As I recall, the FFRF proposed to distribute atheist literature in the school as well, and they were refused. The FFRF and the Central Florida Freethought Community then took the school district to court, and won: they could distribute atheist literature in the schools. (The stuff they wanted to give out seems pretty tame [see below]: no God is Not Great or The God Delusion, but of course books are expensive.)

Now something even better has happened: the Satanic Temple is elbowing in as well, for if Christians and atheists can distribute literature, so can Satanists. The can of worms is opened, and the annelids are crawling free. Of course this is going to drive the Floridians nuts, for they simply didn’t anticipate this. I could have told them!

I think this biblical-worthy rebuff is worthy of big laughs.

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