The god problem in India sounds like the erstwhile god problem in Waco

I don’t really want to make too much of the comparison between India’s “fugitive guru…a self-styled ‘godman'” and the equally self-styled, but now departed, “David Koresh,” but: Fugitive Guru Arrested After Standoff With Police –

What I can say is, first, that the Indian police who “had attempted to storm the heavily fortitude compound where he was blockaded with an estimated 15,000 followers…” Wait! Stop there. Fifteen thousand followers??? Oh, this guy, name of Baba Rampal Maharaj, is good.

Although if you read the whole piece, which I do recommend because it’s such a wacky story and because nobody has (yet) been incinerated by their “godman,” you’ll learn that some of those “followers” just may have been held against their will.

But hey. As another of the followers said:

“He is our god,” Mr. Dass said. “We believe him one hundred percent. He gives us spiritual knowledge. He explains us the meaning of God. He is our God. Whatever he says proves true one hundred percent.”


So many gods to choose among, so little time.


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