The god problem in NYC swimming pools persists

This “cut back” is an utterly unacceptable solution. As I’ve expressed earlier, a public pool, paid for with our taxes, can’t be set aside for the anachronistic modesty of religious cults.

Swimming hours scheduled to be women-only were popular among the area’s Hasidim, but critics said the segregation infringed upon the separation of church and state.

Source: Gender-Segregated Swimming Cut Back at 2 Public Pools Near Brooklyn Hasidic Areas – The New York Times

I am still pissed.

No, actually, I’m even more pissed. You wanna bet there will be a lawsuit?

You know what? On those modest religious women days, there should be a swim-in. I have a vision: people of all genders and colors being hauled out of the public pool by cops.

Yeah. That should do it.

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