The god problem in Trumplandia

Source: Trump Is Expected to Relax Tax Rules on Churches Taking Part in Politics – The New York Times

It begins:

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Thursday will ease restrictions on political activity by tax-exempt churches and charities, White House officials said, but has backed away from a broader religious liberty order that would have allowed faith-based organizations and companies to avoid serving or hiring gay people.

Conservative religious leaders who were fierce supporters of Mr. Trump’s candidacy had pushed the president to provide faith organizations with much more sweeping relief from Obama-era regulations that protect gay men, lesbians and others from discrimination.

Instead, in an executive order, Mr. Trump will offer a vague promise to “protect and vigorously promote religious liberty.” He will also direct federal agencies to exempt some religious organizations from Affordable Care Act requirements that provide employees with health coverage for contraception.

Ha-ha! Notice that “contraception” word stuck in there?

Once again, The God Problem is the smoke screen for America’s War on Women.

I’d curse every “religious” organization supporting this devious lunacy, except since I don’t believe in anybody’s god, I don’t have that curse clout. If I can’t threaten you with some god or other, what have I got going for me?

Meanwhile, churches that use their pulpits for political preaching won’t lose their tax exemption. Although this is a lousy deal, as someone who does not go to any religious institution, I’ll be exempt from listening to political rants from the pulpit. And I look forward to the next election cycle when church and synagogue goers will be assaulted with political ads on TV, on radio, in the news media and even in their worship spaces.

And I foresee a religious competition for political fronts, one that will get louder and louder and louder…

I wear earplugs.

UPDATE, as of 4:11 pm. The ACLU, bless ’em, is already on the case: lawsuit.

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