The god problem is the war against women problem

“American Jews and Israeli Jews are Headed for a Messy Breakup,” an opinion by Jonathan Weisman in [the January 4, 2019] New York Times, reminded me, yet again, that any “breakup” we should be looking at isn’t between Jews in two separate nations.

Weisman’s point of view is both patriachal and parochial. The schism is — or should be — between all fundamentalist religiosity and women.

Let’s label “fundamentalist religiosity” correctly: it’s “tyrannical fundamentalist patriachal religiosity,” because fundamentalists do not tolerate any alternative beliefs in their vicinity and do not tolerate any woman who does not bow before them and polish their shoes.

As I’ve posited a number of times, the essence of any such schism is not religious. It concerns the character of some men whose existence, whose sense of Self depends upon male-defined cults that deny full citizenship and humaness to women. If men like this can’t dominate women, reduce women to simple lower functional objects, these men would wither away, making a lot of wild noise as they go, like fart pillows.

Such is the nature of fundamentalism of all types, including orthodoxy in Israel. It isn’t enough for orthodox male Jews to pray at the Wailing Wall; they must deny women’s access to the Wall. It isn’t enough that Orthodox Jews marry other Orthodox Jews; they must deny the legitimacy of any marriage that isn’t Orthodox.

The god problem in Israel, just as it is throughout the world, is the world’s war on women.

These are fucking crazy people, all of ’em.


And as of today, June 24, 2024, they remain fucking crazy people, the messiah of whom is the empty vessel that is the convicted Donald Trump, whose minions frantically shovel coal into that simulacrum so that its mouth can spew nonsense, thus dually polluting the atmosphere.

Quite a feat.



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