The god problem to a 7 year old

Indiana. It isn’t always Indiana where inexplicably stupid things like this happen but, hey, Indiana is certainly a major achiever in stupid actions involving utter ignorance of the First Amendment, and separation of church and state.

It’s a lawsuit. Good.

I found this item on DailyKos, and it links to the actual complaint which was apparently published in the Washington Post. (I’m working on a piece about how to distinguish facts–actual news items–from opinions or, in certain instances, inventions, i.e., lies, so I’m particularly conscious right now of making sure an item is indeed factual.)

Source Daily Kos: According to lawsuit 7-year-old banished by teacher for not believing in God

It begins:

The mother of a 7-year-old, second grader at Forest Park Elementary School in Fort Wayne Indiana, has filed a lawsuit against the teacher who allegedly sat her son down, quizzed him about his belief in God and then made him sit alone at lunch for three straight days as some crazy kind of punishment. The lawsuit says that this was a violation of the child’s First Amendment rights and that there has been “no meaningful attempt” to remedy the injuries the child experienced as a result of this horrendous bit of infuriating idiocy.

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