The god problem with Ben Carson

The Republican presidential candidate’s faith, little known to many, could prove to be both a strength and a liability as he moves forward.

Source: Ben Carson Puts Spotlight on Seventh-Day Adventists – The New York Times

Did you know that…

The [Seventh Day] Adventist legacy is rooted in the 19th century and grew out of what was known as the “Great Disappointment.” Most followers consider its initial founder to be William Miller, a Baptist preacher from upstate New York who calculated that Jesus Christ was due to return to earth on Oct. 22, 1844. When the savior failed to show up, the flock was left in a state of despair.

One of Miller’s followers, Ellen G. White, reconstituted the denomination under the doctrine that Jesus had actually relocated to a heavenly sanctuary where he would begin judgment of the world. She was seen as a prophet.

Was it something in the 19th century water of upstate New York? As a location it seems to be the fount of weird religions. Mormonism started there, and now I learn the Seventh Day Adventists started up there, too?

OM(it’s not my)G. I am relieved to tell you I live in downstate New York.

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