The GOP’s war on (their own) women

Such an obvious title, I’ll bet half of you barely noticed it.

But it has been noticed that the GOP senators who are re-writing the so-called health care bill slammed on their desks by Paul Ryan, et al., haven’t bothered to involve any GOP women senators in this task. Because, well, you know, health care is an entirely male issue.

So kudus to the Times for expanding this story to Women Hold G.O.P. Senate Seats, but Little Influence – The New York Times

I read the article and will now give you a couple of little excerpts, but first, a warning: women of all political stripes, get your yell muscles ready to pump.

After the House passed a health care bill that gave states the option to drop pregnancy and maternity care from required insurance coverage, Republican leaders in the Senate seemed poised to answer criticism from women. Instead they courted more, naming a 13-member, all-Republican working group on health care legislation, without a single woman on it — forcing Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader who approved the panel, on the defensive on Tuesday.

“The working group that counts is all 52 of us,” Mr. McConnell said unapologetically at a news conference, referring to the number of Republican senators. “Nobody is being excluded because of gender.”

My absolute fave paragraph is the second one, below. In fact, I love it SO much I’ve bolded most of it:

The exclusion of the women was so conspicuous that reporters raced to them like deer to a salt lick to question them on their feelings about being left out.

A reporter tried to talk to Senator Joni Ernst, Republican of Iowa, about the all-male panel as Ms. Ernst entered an elevator. “I do think people need to be qualified,” Ms. Ernst said, but she was then intercepted by Senator Pat Roberts, Republican of Kansas, who stepped in front of her and announced “I have a date” as he shielded Ms. Ernst from the reporter.

She wasn’t even permitted to speak.

Joni Ernst should take lessons from Elizabeth Warren.

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