The Great Yoghurt Divorce, Or, anybody can sue anybody, anytime

[Hamdi] Ulukaya wore jeans and a blue denim shirt that bore an embroidered Chobani crest over the left pocket, which made him look a bit like a server at the Chobani cafĂ©, rather than like a billionaire entrepreneur. Ulukaya is unmarried. His ex-wife, a doctor named Ayse Giray, to whom he was briefly married in the late nineties, is suing him, alleging that she provided funding to Ulukaya’s business during and after their marriage, and is therefore owed a fifty-three-per-cent stake in Chobani. Ulukaya told me that he expects the case to be over soon, adding that he isn’t worried about the impact of its resolution upon the company. “One good thing about this country is that anybody can sue anybody, anytime,” he said, merrily.

— From “Annals of Business: Just Add Sugar,” by Rebecca Mead, The New Yorker, November 4, 2013

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