The Indian diplomat has left the building!

She’s gone. Preet Bharara indicted her and then she left for the airport and went home to India.

The Big Sulk India is having over this ugly episode is petty enough to be entered into the George Washington Bridge Closing Contest for The Dumbest Political Maneuver Ever (Are you as utterly bewildered as I am that (1) professional politicians could be so stupid — no, c’mon, really, this is beneath stupid; we’re not talking about Texas here — and (2) inscribe their stupidity in emails?)

Anyhow, and probably in partial defense of Preet Bharara, who really needs no defense because he’s terrific, the Times published Claim Against Indian Diplomat Has Echoes of Previous Cases –

I’m assuming the Times decided to show India and any other country who thinks our laws can be ignored by so-called diplomats who set up shop here and treat their employees as quasi slaves, just because, “Oh, you know, that’s what we do in our countries and my maid is just lucky to be getting two bucks an hour for working two hundred hours a week because that’s twice as much as she would be getting from me back home.”

Affairs like this remind me how extraordinary the United States is.

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