The Koch Bros are out of the closet and are writing new tax code

Source: Moving Past Health Care, White House Looks to Tax Reform – The New York Times

This article in today’s Times takes my breath away. Right here, in print, it is reported that various arms of the Koch Brothers network, i.e., their Final Solution to Democracy, are nakedly working on what the Trump administration hopes will be a new tax code.

Read this, with my bolding:

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration insisted on Monday, in a show of unity with one of the Republican Party’s biggest financial backers, that its plan to rewrite the tax code would be a collaborative and ultimately successful process.

In a scene that demonstrated the pressure the administration is under to deliver on that promise, Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, appeared with representatives from the political network funded by Charles G. and David H. Koch to stress that there was little daylight separating the White House, Republicans in Congress and the well-financed conservative groups that are planning to devote tens of millions of dollars to the process.

This is a pass/fail exercise, and we will pass tax reform,” Mr. Mnuchin said in a question-and-answer session with Tim Phillips, the president of Americans for Prosperity, the Koch group that funds grass-roots political activity across the country. More than once, Mr. Phillips mentioned that the group’s activists in 36 states were ready to be deployed, and that there was no higher priority for them this year. “We’re going all in,” Mr. Phillips said.

They’re “going all in”? Who are they? Are they our elected representatives? Are they us? They have “activists in 36 states”?

Bullshit. Their “activists” are paid-for apparatchiks of the Kochs, i.e., the Kochs’ Brown Shirts. They are meant, obviously, to echo the real activists–the real people who have marched, have crowded town halls and senate offices to protect the ACA.

It is now crystal clear the Republican Party–the party of the minority in this country–has turned itself into minions of the Koch Bros and their “libertarian” cabal. It’s sort of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 21st century political version. Except now it’s not a metaphor–it’s real–and it isn’t science fiction.

The Kochs really don’t care whose bodies they can invade. All bodies are potential food for the filthy rich “libertarians'” cabal. They are using the GOP. They will eat it up.

Do you trust the current GOP to re-write the tax code we all will have to live with for, maybe, ten years? No? Well, if you don’t trust the GOP, you’re far less likely to trust an unelected cabal.

Please be as horrified as I am at the open declaration of war the very small minority of obscenely rich people in this country are waging against us, the majority.

And read Democracy In Chains–a summary of which I’ll get to as soon as I finish it.

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