The Koch Bros Final Solution to Democracy: fake voter registrations

If you’ve been following politics, you’ll know that the state of North Carolina has been gingerly trending blue.

Most of us urbanites in blue states have no idea about what corporate oligarchs like the Koch Bros are doing with their legally unlimited money to influence campaigns, because even the Kochs apparently understand it’d be a waste to support − um, no, I mean buy − candidates in our areas.

Per information, though, the Kochs, et al have been hammering voters in other states with TV ads and other forms of what the Supreme Court Five consider “free speech,” i.e., very very expensive speech.

Here’s what they’ve been doing in North Carolina: Kochs sent hundreds of thousands of fake voter registration mailings in North Carolina: they sent a fake voter registration form to someone’s cat (funny), and to a woman’s dead child. Not funny at all.

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