The Lady Gaga lawsuit

Oh I can feel it, can feel the restless eagerness among the bulging Lady Gaga populace over the largest issue of the day: Will She or Won’t She? That is, settle that lawsuit I’ve told you about.

No, no — not the breast-milk ice cream one.

And not the Lady Gaga song-profits one.

Nor is it the Lady Gaga trademark lawsuit, nor the Lady Gaga doll thing.

No, what we have here is the Lady Gaga personal assistant lawsuit because of which Lady Gaga has already served an educational Sidebar purpose by demonstrating to us how not to behave during depositions, and what kind of difficulties a defendant can face when trying not to turn over discovery.

Now I want some applause, not only for sticking with this important lawsuit but for being able to spot Daniel Beekman’s teeny-teeny item in yesterday’s Daily News:

Gaga suit deal near

IT SOUNDS like Lady Gaga is singing a different tune in the overtime lawsuit brought by her former personal assistant.

Gaga and Jennifer O’Neill “have been engaged in significant settlement discussions over the past two weeks,” a lawyer for O’Neill wrote Wednesday to Manhattan Federal Judge Paul Gardephe. The suit is slated for trial Nov.4.

O’Neill sued the singer in 2011, claiming she was owed $380,000 in overtime.

And let’s once again thank Lady Gaga for supplying Sidebar with an example — this time why and how a defendant decides to enter settlement negotiations before facing a trial which, her lawyers have probably strongly suggested, she is likely to lose.

I’d like to tell you to stay tuned for news of the actual settlement (the amount will probably be kept confidential) but who knows how microscopic that item will be and whether I’ll be able to see it?

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