The lawsuit against Penn State

My second thought after learning about the Penn State scandal was “This is a massive lawsuit.” And I’m rather surprised that the media haven’t considered or mentioned it.

Soon we should be hearing from lawyers representing the children who were abused. And it will be a mighty and mightily righteous case against the university, the individual coaches and the non-profit organization that apparently was created specifically to pimp children for a pedophile.

There’s justice—if not poetic—in such a lawsuit: the university wore blinders to the criminal abuse they allowed to foster in order to laser-focus on the huge amounts of money they make from their football prominence.

There’s much that could happen in what I’m sure will be a monster lawsuit. A monster monetary judgment against the university will be just. I’d suggest as much money as they make from their football program for all the years they failed to notice the abuse.

It could drive the university out of football, or into bankruptcy. It should.

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