The lying has gotten so crazy…

I just picked up this from DailyKos Elections:

MT-Sen: Or not. Libertarian candidate Rick Breckenridge now says that a) he didn’t drop out of Montana’s Senate race and b) he didn’t endorse Republican Matt Rosendale, because, well, Libertarian. Despite reports saying he’d done exactly this on Wednesday, Breckenridge told the libertarian website Reason “I am not dropping out” and insisted he only “endorsed” Rosendale insofar as he thinks the Republican is aligned with him on eliminating dark money from politics. (This is … probably not the case.)

Well, now. Breckenridge claims he’s a “libertarian,” right? He told Reason, the “libertarian” magazine, that the GOP candidate running against Jon Tester is “aligned with him on eliminating dark money from politics.”

The “libertarian” party was wholly created by the Koch Bros, the Kings of Dark Money (they used their money to buy, among others, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker), and Reason magazine is the house organ of the Cato Institute, founded and funded by the Kochs as their, um, “think tank.”

Maybe I’m being too hard on Breckenridge. Maybe he’s not lying. Maybe he just doesn’t know this stuff. Poor baby. One way or the other, he’s screwed.

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