The major story yesterday? Not what’s going on in Congress

Which, as Nancy Pelosi described with only a touch of sarcasm, “It’s called legislating.”

For me, the huge story was published by the Times, with a headline and subhead that might put anyone to sleep.

Trump Server Mystery Produces Fresh Conflict

A recent indictment suggested that researchers who found strange internet links between a Russian bank and the Trump Organization did not really believe their own work. They are pushing back.

Wake up now. Wake up.

The “recent indictment” filed by John Durham, in his final stand as a Trumpist, contained quotes from emails written by the four cyber security experts who had grouped together over discoveries they’d made about a possible connection between Alfa Bank and the Trump Organization.

The indictment itself is so flimsy it’s been analyzed and pooh-poohed by every legal expert I follow everywhere.

But what is particularly deceitful of Durham is being protested by the four scientists. Through their lawyers, they have stated Durham supported his wispy case by selecting only portions of their quotes — portions that used language suggesting they doubted there was any connection between Trump and Alfa.

Wrong. They still maintain there was a suspicious connection and are pissed at Durham.

It means two things: first, that Durham has led himself into charges that he is a lying Trumpist and a bad prosecutor — in every sense of the word; and second, Alfa Bank and Trump were indeed linked. For what purpose? I’d guess money (a bank has money and Trump always needs money) but would love this little problem to be fully investigated.

I’m thinking JustSecurity will have to update its Lawsuits Against Trump list frequently and throughout the near future. (Just checked; it updates regularly.)

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