The global war against women: “The Middle East’s Morality Police”

From the estimable Mona Eltahawy–whom I have praised previously--this New York Times opinion piece. She describes how…

At the end of June, Egypt’s notoriously backlogged criminal justice system found time to try and convict Reda alFouly on charges of “inciting debauchery.” Less than a month later, two other women were jailed pending investigation on the same charge. They were arrested after complaints, filed by lawyers acting privately, accused them of outraging public decency.

Here’s the New York Times abstract, followed by the link to the whole column:

Authoritarian regimes’ favorite trick is to rally conservative support by prosecuting women on trumped-up charges of indecency.

Source: The Middle East’s Morality Police – The New York Times

Can’t help wondering what Egyptian “justice” would do with Times Square’s bare-breasted ladies? And as awkward as the situation may be in Times Square, let me point out that our public officials are debating the situation and considering the law.

Although the global war against women is unquestionably global–and the United States is still on that globe, last I looked–we women are so much better off here than elsewhere.

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