The more I read and view about the Jan 6 insurrection…

…the more I’m thinking domestic terrorists of the Trumpist persuasion never got basic, simple legal advice.

Here’s Alex Jones, et al., bragging about taking the Fifth hundreds of times. There’s that proud group of people posing for promotional videos as they smile and sign fake electoral certificates. On camera.

And what about the collection of congresspeople and Executive Branch staffers who participated one way or another in the insurrection? What about people like Ginni Thomas, planners, organizers and financiers of the insurrection? Strategists and theorists like Steve Bannon?

What about fake journalists on fake news networks, some of whom were apparently key advisors to the White House? What about Tucker Carlson — my previous fave name for him, “Tuckums,” came from Joy Reid; today someone came up with “Tuckyo Rose” — who apparently has thrown down the gauntlet to Lord Haw-Haw?*

Leaving aside the bizarre, arguably mentally ill “legal” personalities who on camera announced their adherence to the plan to overthrow the government of the United States, did none of these insurrectionists consult a genuine, credible lawyer who, you know, had a grasp of the legal definitions for treachery, sedition and conspiracy?

Are the words “treachery,” “sedition” and “conspiracy” missing from their vocabulary?

Amazing, isn’t it. In our nation ruled by law, thousands of people openly brag and smirk about what they did to defy our laws, and continue to demonstrate they do not know those laws exist.


*Carlson may not know enough WWII history to realize how Lord Haw-Haw’s brilliant career ended.


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