The Neu Wannsee Conference comes out of the closet

A couple of years ago, looking into the black abyss that was John Roberts’ damned legacy, Citizens United (it should be tattooed on his forehead for all to see the rest of his life), and reading about the Koch Bros massive amounts of dark money, I posited the Neu Wannsee Conference, in which horribly rich people came up with the final solution to democracy.

At first the Neu Wannsee conspirators met in (semi) secret. (It’s hard to be secret in the U.S.A.; we have and still have our vigilant Fourth Estate.)

Now that The Twittler is moving to D.C. and taking over what used to be our government with his Neu Wannsee-ite nominees, they are coming out of the (semi) secret closet.

As you all know, I believe Koch money bought the senatorial seats in Wisconsin, Missouri and Indiana, and did it in the last month of the campaign.

No secret anymore. See if this makes you sick. From DailyKos Elections Digest this past week:

PA-Sen: This is an actual quote from Republican Rep. Pat Meehan, who is considering a bid against Democratic Sen. Bob Casey in 2018:

“Lots of rich people have asked me to enter the race.”

Keep going ….

And then there’s this, also from DailyKos Elections:

IL-Gov: On Tuesday, GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner contributed $50 million of his own money to his campaign committee—an unsurprising development given that Rauner is extremely wealthy and self-funded heavily in his first campaign. In fact, it’ll only be a surprise if he spends only $50 million from his personal fortune. However, Rauner may be making this huge contribution early to try and scare some potential Democratic foes out of the race. Of course, anyone who actually wants to run against Rauner should have already taken his limitless warchest into account.

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