The Neu Wannsee Conference is getting panicky

What’s happening with the Final Solution to Democracy people? Not an attractive picture:

With the presidential race looking so uncertain, [Jay Bergman, an Illinois oil executive and major Republican donor] said he was more focused on protecting the Senate. He said that donors at the Koch-sponsored conference had received a bracing presentation about just how difficult the political map was for Republican senators.

Source: As Donald Trump Incites Feuds, Other G.O.P. Candidates Flee His Shadow – The New York Times

Speaking in private to a group of donors last week at a political conference in Colorado sponsored by the industrialists Charles G. and David H. Koch, [Paul] Ryan expressed concerns that the House was increasingly at risk, according to a Republican who was present for the conversation.

Mr. Ryan implored the donors not to assume that the House was impregnable and not to entirely focus their efforts on retaining the Senate.

Among the party’s biggest contributors, there is a growing sense of alarm about defending control of Congress, now that Mr. Trump has proved resistant to correcting course in the general election.

Lately–although almost secretly, even to myself–I’ve been having good thoughts about the Neu Wannsee Conference. “Good,” in the sense of, “Maybe the U.S.A. and its voters are not as easily bought as I feared?”

And I did fear the Niagara of rich guys’ money pouring over us little folk. (Nah, that verbal image is wrong: “pouring over” would drown us. What they want is to buy our votes, brainwash us into thinking freedom is servitude, and other absurd contradictions.)

I stuck this in here because (1) it does illustrate my point; (2) it’s really gorgeous and if you’ve never seen the falls in person, this gives you absolutely NO idea of their might–they’ll blow you away so hang onto the railing; and (3) I’ve been having a bitch of a time figuring out how to get photos and videos and things into my posts so this is part of my ongoing experimentation (it took me far too long and you should hear me cursing at Google and anything else I can find to curse at).

Anyway. The Kochs, their compatriots, their money, where it’s going…

Reminds me to warn you if you think you’ll be casting a rational protest vote if you go with the so-called Libertarian roster…here’s my definition of “libertarianism“, along with noting that the Kochs virtually invented it.

So, don’t. Don’t vote libertarian–it doesn’t exist and unless you’re a billionaire is radically contrary to your human interests and values; and don’t buy Quilted Northern toilet paper.

But mostly: DO NOT LET THE FINAL SOLUTION TO DEMOCRACY MONEY BUY YOUR SENATE VOTES, now that they’re giving up on Trump. The Supreme Court is at stake.

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