The Neu Wannsee Koch Bros want to buy a Senate seat

This news should run in a column alongside the news about Citizens United, since it reinforces why New York State’s victory is so important. That is, do you think the Koch Bros are fully disclosing the contributors to the “at least four separate groups working to defeat Ms. [Catherine] Cortez Masto” in Nevada?

The battle to choose Mr. Reid’s successor is pitting him against Charles G. and David H. Koch, who are trying to flip a Democratic seat and help Republicans seal control of the Senate.

Source: Harry Reid and Koch Brothers Wage Proxy War for a Nevada Senate Seat – The New York Times

While receiving an award last Thursday from a progressive group whose leadership praised him for “holding the Koch brothers accountable,” Mr. Reid declared that the goal of the Kochs and their allies was to turn the United States into an oligarchy with a chosen few running the nation for their personal benefit.

“They want to make sure that they pick the next Supreme Court justices,” said Mr. Reid…

Yup, that’s what the Kochs and their Final Solution to Democracy co-conspirators want.

And maybe not so by-the-way, you’ve noticed the Democratic candidate for Harry Reid’s Senate seat is a woman.

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