The Pakistan baby arrested, charged with attempted murder story

Rare enough that stories I pick up from Lowering the Bar are ever expatiated upon by anything like regular media.

The stories, of course, are true but too crazy for the regular newsfolk to pay attention. Even the Daily News doesn’t pick up on them.

So I was startled to see this, from the New York Times’ Declan Walsh: Rounding Up Suspects, Pakistan Charges a Baby –

Yes, that Pakistani baby — whose name is Musa Khan and who looks adorable, if really, really upset — arrested, fingerprinted (a good, if disturbing, photo of the baby being fingerprinted is in the Times) and charged with attempted murder made the Big News. The Times begins its story:

LONDON — Pakistan’s troubled criminal judicial system has failed to prosecute several notorious figures living there over the years, including Hafiz Saeed, the militant leader with a $10 million American reward on his head, and Osama bin Laden.

But Pakistani justice has not been hesitant with Musa Khan, a 9-month-old boy who faces charges of attempted murder and whose relatives have spirited him into hiding.

Kevin Underhill, the creator of Lowering the Bar, scooped the New York Times. Bravo!

UPDATE 4/11/2014.  Kevin Underhill, the maestro of Lowering the Bar, picked up the Times story and the photograph — and of course has something funny to say about it: Baby Fingerprinted – Lowering the Bar.

UPDATE 4/14/2014. Lowering the Bar is, as always, on top of this stunning legal story: Baby Walks – Lowering the Bar.

And now, so is the New York Times: Police Drop Charges Against Baby in Pakistan – Although I do want to tell you that the Times hard copy headline was far better: Pakistan Baby Won’t Face Prison Time. And much more in concordance with the way Lowering the Bar has treated this bizarre incident.


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